How we do it

Every airline, airport operator and ground handler is different and training and operational requirements vary greatly.  Understanding an organisation’s unique needs is the first step in determining how we can most effectively work together and make the best use of time and resources.  In the first instance, we like to talk to potential clients, preferably face-to-face, to understand their needs and consider the best possible solutions.  If possible, we then like to observe the operation, talk to key stakeholders (including employees), gain an understanding of relevant company policies and procedures, review any passenger complaint records and understand employee training provision to date.  Then we work on tailoring our exisiting Dealing with Passenger Drama training modules to fit the training needs of the client organisation.

airate can deliver core Dealing with Passenger Drama training modules directly to a client’s employees or can provide expertise on a consultancy basis to help with the design and delivery of in-house training by the client’s own trainers.

Our core Dealing with Passenger Drama training modules combine trainer presentation, facilitated role-play, individual and group exercises, games and group discussion.  The colourful course materials draw upon ideas, evidence and theory from a wide range of sources.

airate training sessions usually take one day and can be conducted at locations convenient to employees and at times that fit with the operational schedule. The usual preferred maximum class size is 12.

airate will provide the trainer/facilitator, all the necessary audiovisual equipment and the handouts, asking only that a suitably furnished training room and refreshments be provided.

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