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airate is fascinated by the behaviour of people at work and designs and delivers Team Resource Management (TRM) and Non-Technical Skills training to safety, security and time critical teams.

Team Resource Management is about Non-Technical Skills. As humans our Non-Technical Skills are what set us apart from computers and machines. They include our ability to communicate, to be aware, to cope, to make decisions in chaotic situations, to support and be supported by our colleagues, to help ourselves and others when the going gets tough or when mistakes are made, to get ourselves and others safely out of tough encounters and to learn constantly from our endeavours. We don’t know what we don’t know and what we don’t know my harm us or others. Team Resource Management is about listening and learning, speaking and being heard, reflecting on our limitations, harnessing our strengths, accepting that we can all be wrong and understanding and celebrating our collective human contribution.

Team Resource Management is about making optimum use of all available resources – people, equipment and procedures – to work safely and be efficient. It is about preventing things from going wrong and for getting it right when they do. Central to this are Human Factors (such as fatigue, distress and physical limitations) which can cause things to go awry or which can actually make them worse when they do, and the Non-Technical Skills that enable everyone to be part of the solution.

Team Resource Management concepts are presented by airate in an accessible way and then applied to the work realities of each team. The active participation and contribution of members of the client’s team during the training design and delivery process is essential and we like to work in partnership every step of the way.



Team Resource Management and Non-Technical Skills training design and delivery is our focus. Airate is proud to have designed and delivered training for a range of high performing safety, security and time critical teams for many clients.

A passion and enthusiasm for facilitating the learning process underpins the work of airate. We believe that looking at and learning from the experiences of other work areas can help people to shift their focus from the technical things that they often feel most comfortable with, to the non-technical, human things that can often be more difficult to fathom. Close partnership working with clients and their teams is something we value greatly.

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airate has experience of both qualitative and quantitative research in the field of emotional management in aviation work. We recommend our professional research partners at InsightTrack, who can provide you with a comprehensive service.

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